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lunedì 22 agosto 2011

A solution to the much troubled Urinary Incontinence

( Accidental or involuntary loss of urine or the inability to restrain urinary voiding is referred to as “Urinary Incontinence”.
In such cases, the bladder is unable to hold urine for such a time, so that it could be released voluntarily. Though incontinence is not considered a disease by itself, it could signify a symptom of other problems, too. This problem has been found to affect more women than men.
Though current medications and therapies do not have a direct solution to help such women with overactive bladders, acupuncture has proved success in dealing with this problem.
Researchers at the Oregon Health and Science University subjected seventy four women with problem of incontinence to acupuncture treatment. They were given acupuncture either in placebo points or the points known to control the functioning of the bladder. This was done once a week for four consecutive weeks.
On completion of the treatment, it was found that women who received the treatment were 30% less likely to visit bathroom in urgency, when compared to the placebo group that showed 3% decrease. Apart from decrease in distress and incontinence episodes, the women experienced an increase in bladder capacity.
Researchers say that the improvements shown in women with acupuncture treatment were equivalent to that offered by behaviour therapies and drugs. (by

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