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venerdì 29 luglio 2011

Simple measures to treat hair-loss

( Hair-loss although seems like a common problem, the reasons behind the problem could be plenty. Anything from hormonal changes to too much tugging at hair, lack of mineral or vitamins, lack of sleep could all lead to hair-loss.
Although people consider medication or hair transplant as an immediate solution to the problem, it is a fact that medication and surgery involves risks and harmful side-effects.
The safest and best form of therapy is the natural hair-loss treatment, which includes a combination of healthy-diet, exercise, herbal remedies and good hair-care.
‘Intake of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids with anti-inflammatory properties is essential to maintain healthy hair. Lack of such fatty acids could lead to rapid hair loss. These fatty acids are available in plenty in walnuts, spinach, sardines, tuna, soy, canola and sunflower oil.
A healthy diet should essentially include wholesome vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, beans, nuts, seeds fish, and eggs, packed with vital nutrients required for hair roots. Although reducing intake of chocolate, tea, excess sugar and salt may help, take care not to skip any meals.
When washing hair, try avoiding shampoos with strong chemicals. Natural herbs such as nettle root extract, liquorices extract, psoralea seeds, horsetail, green tea, ginger, apple cider vinegar, rosemary and sage tea are best in prevention and treatment of hair loss.
A home-made herbal shampoo with 100g each of Amla (Indian goose berry), Reetha and Shikakai, boiled in two litres of water, until the liquid reduces to half, helps reduce hair loss and improves quality of hair.
Most importantly, exercise regularly for better blood circulation, and practice yoga and meditation to reduce stress, as stress is one of the main factors contributing to hair loss. (by

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Hair transplant is the best option to make new hair and hair loss and unwanted hair both are an big problem for man and woman. depilação

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