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venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Lose weight naturally!

There are various methods experimented and adopted widely for curing obesity, as obesity is often the main factor behind all serious diseases. A few natural weight loss methods are discussed in this article.
Natural weight loss diets are considered the safest and surest way to lose weight without many side effects. Medical researches have emphasized on consumption of raw vegetables and fruits for speedy weight loss. Individuals with a strict vegetarian diet are less prone to cancer and heart diseases. A diet chart is prepared taking into consideration the existent weight of the person. Food points are given to all foods consumed based on fiber, fat and calories content. All vegetables are awarded “0” points, while, fruits are awarded one or two points each serving. This process though slow is a natural and healthy weight loss program.
Regular intake of water is the next requirement for weight loss. Regular exercises with right nutrition, is absolutely necessary to maintain a lean but healthy body.
Keeping in mind the risk factors that are inherent in remaining obese, it is necessary to take natural steps for weight loss. Herbal supplements and weight loss methods are a good way of achieving the same.
Herbs help in increasing metabolism levels, while also suppressing appetite, and contributing to over-all well-being and health. But, just as always, before going on herbal weight loss programs, consult a physician about any possible side effects associated with it, especially in case of aged and sick individuals.
Aloe Vera – A herb that cleanses the digestive tract and improves digestion.
Bee Pollen – is a weight loss method which helps in losing weight through stimulating metabolism, and satisfies cravings for sweet.
Astralagus – Also satisfies the sweet tooth, provides an instant boost of energy.
Kelp – also helps in improving metabolism.
Licorice – Regulates blood sugar levels apart from reducing sweet cravings.

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