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mercoledì 20 luglio 2011

Ayurvedic product launched for treatment of H1N1 I

PUNE: As pandemic Influenza H1N1 spreads at an alarming rate in Pune, city-based Institute of Integrative Healthcare (IIHc) under the aegis of India International Multiversity has launched ‘Immurich’, an Ayurvedic product made out of ‘Gau-Piyush’ or cow colostrum that can act as an effective treatment against communicable and pandemic diseases.

Addressing the media here on Wednesday, India International Multiversity founder Dr Vijay Bhatkar said that with increasing H1N1 cases being reported from the city and the country in general, it is difficult to find a vaccine immediately because of extreme costs, time consumption and other challenges.

It is in this backdrop that IIHc constituted a task force of experts together to find a solution.

The task force decided to focus on nutritional immunology inspired by Ayurveda. The group found a number of references for communicable diseases in Ayurveda and recommended the use of cow colostrum as a powerful and effective treatment against many diseases, including Influenza-Like Infections (ILI).

Bhatkar said that IIHc had approached the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to test on H1N1 patients and is awaiting permission for the same. (by

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